vol.14 (2006) No. 1

L. G. X. de Barros
Loop algebras of loops whose derived subloop is central, pp. 1-9

M. S. Braitt and D. Silberger
Subassociative groupoids, pp. 11-26

K. W. Johnson
The construction of loops using right division and Ward quasigroups, pp. 27-41

J. Lawson and Y. Lim
Geometric Means and Reflection Quasigroups, pp. 43-59

G. E. Moorhouse
Ranks of nets, pp. 61-72

J. D. Phillips
A short basis for the variety of WIP PACC-loops, pp. 73-80

A. B. Romanowska and J. D. H. Smith
Duality for central piques, pp. 81-89

T. Scarr
Loops in Relativistic Dynamics, pp. 91-109

J. P. Tian and P. Vojtĕchovský
Evolution algebras, pp. 111-122

vol.14 (2006) No. 2

M. Akram
Anti fuzzy Lie ideals of Lie algebras, pp. 123-132

M. Ashiq and Q. Mushtaq
Actions of a subgroup of the modular group on an imaginary quadratic field, pp. 133-146

S. E. Atani and A. Y. Darani
On primal ideals over semigroups, pp. 147-155

M. Bombardelli
Finite hexagonal quasigroups, pp. 157-162

W. A. Dudek and V. V. Mukhin
On n-ary semigroups with adjoint neutral element, pp. 163-168

N. Kehayopulu and M. Tsingelis
Left regular and intra-regular ordered semigroups in terms of fuzzy subsets, pp. 169-178

B. Khosravi and S. S. Amiri
On the prime graph of L2(q), where q=pa < 100, pp. 179-190

C. Koscielny
The application of DES, IDEA and AES in strong encryption, pp. 191-194

Q. Mushtaq and M. Ahmed
A graphical technique to obtain homomorphic images of D(2,3,11), pp. 195-206

Q. Mushtaq and M. Khan
Ideals in AG-band and AG*-groupoid, pp. 207-215

N. A. Shchuchkin
Skew endomorphisms on n-ary groups, pp. 217-226