vol.28 (2020) No. 1

M. Afkhami, K. Khashyarmanesh and F. Shahsavar
On the properties of zero-divisor graphs of posets, pp.1-16

W. Atiponrat and R. Maungchang
Continuous homomorphisms, the left-gyroaddition action and topological quotient gyrogroups, pp.17-28

G. Biyogmam, S. Tchamna and C. Tcheka
From quotient trigroups to groups, pp.29-41

M. Borralho
The transitivity of primary conjugacy in a class of semigroups, pp.43-46

S.S. Davidov and D.A. Shahnazaryan
Hyperidentities with permutations leading to the isotopy of invertible binary algebras to a group, pp.47-52

W.A. Dudek and R.A.R. Monzo
Translatability determines the structure of certain types of idempotent quasigroups, pp.53-76

K. Hansda and A. Jamadar
Characterization of inverse ordered semigroups by their ordered idempotents and bi-ideals, pp.77-88

A. Hasanvand and R. Rezaei
The equivalence graph of the comaximal graph of a group, pp.89-100

M. Hassanzadeh and S. Sutlu
Matched pairs of m-invertible Hopf quasigroups, pp.101-138

T. Imran, M. Ashiq and M.A. Zaighum
Computational approach for intransitive action of Delta(2,4,k) on PL(Fq), pp.139-148

S. Kar, A. Roy and I. Dutta
On regularities in po-ternary semigroups, pp.149-158

H.B. Shelash and A.R. Ashrafi
Table of marks and markaracter table of certain finite groups, pp.159-170

vol.28 (2020) No. 2

W.A. Dudek
In memoriam: Valentin S. Trokhimenko, pp.171-176

A. Babai
On the connectivity of the proper intersection power graph, pp.177-182

N.N. Didurik and I.A. Florja
Some properties of i-quasigroups, pp.183-194

W.A. Dudek
On Belousov-Moufang quasigroups, pp.195-202

W.A. Dudek and R.A.R. Monzo
Translatable quadratical quasigroups, pp.203-228

G. Hiss and L. Ortjohann
A note on the construction of right conjugacy closed loops, pp.229-236

P. Kumar
Maximal cyclic subgroups of a finite abelian p-group of rank two, pp.237-242

S. Maity and A.K. Bhuniya
On the component graphs of finitely generated free semimodules, pp.243-250

N.N. Malyutina
Cryptanalysis of some stream ciphers based on n-ary groupoids, pp.251-268

D.N. Moldovyan, A.A. Moldovyan and N.A. Moldovyan
An enhanced version of the hidden discrete logarithm problem and its algebraic support, pp.269-284

R.A.R. Monzo
Division on semigroups that are semilattices of groups, pp.285-299

J. Sanborisoot and T. Changphas
Semigroups in which the radical of every quasi-ideal is a subsemigroup, pp.301-308

J. Sanborisoot and T. Changphas
On ordered semigroups satisfying certain regularity conditions, pp.309-318

V.G. Skobelev and V.V. Skobelev
Families of semi-automata in finite quasigroups and iterated hash functions, pp.319-338