vol.31 (2023) No. 1

B. Baloda and J. Kumar
On the intersection ideal graph of semigroups, pp.1-20

H. Boujouf
On topological completely inverse AG**-groupoids, pp.21-24

C.E. Haliya and G.D. Houndedji
A double construction of quadratic anticenter-symmetric Jacobi-Jordan algebras, pp.25-52

R. Ilemobade, O. George and T. G. Jaiyeola
On the universality and isotopy-isomorphy of (r,s,t)-inverse quasigroups and loops with applications to cryptography, pp.53-64

W. Jantanan, C. Jumnongphan, N. Jaichot and R. Chinram
Semigroups in which the radical of every interior ideal is a subsemigroup, pp.65-74

K.M. Lewis
Branched covers induced by semisymmetric quasigroup homomorphisms, pp.75-96

S. Madani and A.R. Ashrafi
General form of the automorphism group of bicyclic graphs, pp.97-116

F. Rashedi
Weakly quasi invo-clean rings, pp.117-124

R. Rawat
On central digraphs constructed from left loops and loops, pp.125-134

A.D. Romano
Some types of interior filters in quasi-ordered semigroups, pp.135-152

L. Shahbaz
Injective and projective poset acts, pp.152-164

vol.31 (2023) No. 2

C.S. Anabanti
The Ramsey number R_4(3) is not solvable by group partition means, pp.165-174

S. Ballal, S. Puranik and V. Kharat
A note on comaximal graph and maximal topology on multiplication le-modules, pp.175-184

E.L. Bashkirov
On the nonexistence of certain associative subloops in the loop of invertible elements of the split alternative Cayley-Dickson algebra, pp.185-200

H. Boujouf
On topological Menger n-groupoids, pp.201-206

S. Chakrabarti, A.V. Galatenko, V.A. Nosov, A.E. Pankratiev and S.K. Tiwari
Quasigroups generated by shift registers and Feistel networks, pp.207-220

S. Dog and N.A. Shchuchkin
Endomorphisms of precyclic n-groups, pp.221-232

H. Hasanzadeh-Bashir, B. Ebrahimzadeh and B. Azizi
A new characterization of orthogonal simple groups B_2 (2^{4n}), pp.233-240

D. Hemmila, J.D. Phillips, D. Rowe and R. White
Commutative and 2-divisible subvarieties of rings of Bol-Moufang type, pp.241-259

C.S. Kharvar and R.P. Shukla
Isotopic class of transversals in finite solvable groups, pp.261-268

T. Kumduang
Weak embeddability of the partial Menger algebra of formulas, pp.269-284

F. Rashedi
Weakly g(x)-invo-clean rings, pp.285-292

C. Toth
Right regular triples of semigroups, pp.293-304